ECB/041/12: Terminologist/Language Technologist


The Terminology/Language Technology (TLT) unit is part of the Language Services Division within the ECB’s Directorate General Secretariat and Language Services. The unit is responsible for providing terminology and language technology support to the ECB’s translators and lawyer-linguists – and to the linguistic staff at the central banks of the ESCB – in their work of preparing the ECB’s official publications, legal acts, and other communications activities in the official EU languages.

The successful candidate will join a team of four Terminologists/Language Technologists and a Senior Terminology/Language Technology Assistant. She/he will work on several terminology and language technology-related assignments and provide assistance to end-users of the ECB’s chosen computer-assisted translation tools.

The successful applicant will be entrusted with the following main tasks:

  • on the terminology side: coordinating terminology-related work with the ECB’s translators and lawyer-linguists, researching and compiling ESCB-related terminology in the official EU languages from a multiplicity of sources, and contributing to the development, maintenance, expansion and management of the ECB’s multilingual terminology databases in accordance with the needs of their users;
  • on the language technology side: implementing the language technology tools used at the ECB (including testing, upgrading and troubleshooting) and supporting the ECB’s translators, lawyer-linguists and their collaborators in the use of these tools, incorporating them in the linguists’ workflow, and creating, expanding and administering translation memories;
  • monitoring the development of and testing new language technology tools or software and evaluating their usefulness in facilitating the work of the ECB’s linguists and of their collaborators.

To enable the unit to fulfil its tasks of supporting the ECB’s linguists in performing their work and ensuring the smooth operation of the ECB’s language technology tools, the successful applicant will be expected to provide expert-level support and/or perform essential maintenance work occasionally during non-standard working hours.

Duration of contract / Closing date

Fixed-term contract until 31 July 2013, which may be extended subject to individual performance and organisational needs.

Closing date for applications: 15 May 2012

Qualifications and experience

Applicants must have the following knowledge and competencies:

  • master’s university degree or professional training in the field of translation, language technology or terminology, or a proven ability to perform the tasks required by the position;
  • professional experience: at least two years’ professional experience (preferably as a terminologist or language technologist), with proven experience of practical translation-oriented terminology work;
  • preferably, certification in and experience with terminology management and translation memory software packages such as SDL MultiTerm and SDL TRADOS.
  • language skills: Perfect command of an official EU language, excellent English and a very good knowledge of at least one other official EU language;
  • exposure to economic and financial domains would be an asset.
  • IT skills: Very good knowledge of standard MS Office applications:

Behavioural Competencies

At the level of personal competencies, the successful candidate will be expected to:

  • show self-motivation and commitment to achieving the organisational goals assigned to the TLT unit: this will involve understanding the wider context in which the TLT unit works, pursuing projects with energy and drive, and delivering reliably under difficult circumstances;
  • adapt to changing plans and circumstances with ease, learn quickly when facing new challenges, take the initiative, and embrace new technology and processes with enthusiasm;
  • be comfortable working without close supervision, but know when to involve others in the TLT unit.

At the level of interpersonal competencies, the successful candidate will need to:

  • establish and maintain cooperative relationships with staff and management at all levels, both inside and outside the ECB. This will involve a strong commitment to teamwork within the TLT unit, demonstrated by the ability to share information and support unit members in the achievement of common goals, as well as the ability to manage her/his own workload independently, without burdening other unit members unnecessarily;
  • understand the needs and expectations of the users in the Language Services and Legislation Divisions that rely on the TLT unit to perform their daily tasks to deadline and to the required quality, and ensure a timely response to their requests for support;
  • use diplomacy and tact when supporting users, communicate ideas in an effective manner and be aware of the impact that her/his own actions have on others. In the TLT unit’s wider interaction within the ESCB and in the inter-institutional context, the successful candidate will need to negotiate skilfully in situations involving both internal and external parties, and be able to find common areas of agreement in order to identify mutually acceptable solutions;
  • be culturally aware and have the ability to show respect for individual and cultural differences when working in a multicultural team providing support to translators and lawyer-linguists from all EU Member States.

At the level of the task, the successful candidate will be expected to:

  • deliver results according to the set time frame: this will involve prioritising tasks, managing multiple assignments – tracking progress on these simultaneously – and demonstrating a conscientious attitude by paying attention to detail even when under time pressure.

Further information

Applications are to be made in English and submitted using our online application form. An “Applicants’ Guide” is available on our webpages.

The recruitment process may include a written exercise, presentation and panel interviews.

Further information on the ECB’s conditions of employment for fixed-term positions can be found at

Applications are accepted from nationals of Member States of the European Union and Croatia.

This position has been allocated to salary band F/G

Anunţul poate fi găsit pe site-ul ECB aici.

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  1. Unfortunately, under the link provided, only one note about vacancies related to language services was found…

    1. Thank you for your comment. The closing date for applications was 15 May, as mentioned in the article. Good luck with your job hunting :)

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